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  • Commodity Fetishism


    Join Red Wagner and I as we talk about commodity fetishism and its consequences. Commodity Fetishism (33.4 MBs, 36 Minutes) Links: Capital Vol. 1 Chapter 1 Section 4: THE FETISHISM OF COMMODITIES AND THE SECRET THEREOF on the Marxist Internet Archives (This is from … Continue reading →

  • Red Education


    In this episode, we talk to Red Wagner about…Red Wagner and his views on education. Red Education  (49.1 MBs, 53 Minutes) Links: Watch the corporation on YouTube, free! (I did indeed go and watch it after we recorded this episode, and I … Continue reading →

  • Tony and Wisconsin


    In this episode, we learn more about Tony and discuss the Wisconsin Uprising. Tony and Wisconsin 50 Megs, 55 Minutes Links: David Harvey’s site where you can find his “Reading Marx’s Capital” Jacobin magazine’s site

  • Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century


    In this episode Red and I review Thomas Piketty’s magnum opus Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Episode 3-5 Capital in the 21st Century (Length 52 minutes, Size 47.7 MBs)   Links for things that we refer to in this episode: Esteban Ezequiel … Continue reading →

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